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OnCE-in-a-lifetime TAx LAW EXPIRES DECEMBER 31st!

COVID-19 forced Congress to pass a law that can make your highly taxable retirement accounts, like your 401(k), 403(b), & IRA COMPLETELY TAX-FREE!

The new CARES Act tax law window is closing fast, so it is imperative for those with retirement accounts to take advantage of it before the law expires December 31, 2020.
"Please don't miss out on this opportunity 
before taxes rise from $8 trillion bailouts!"

Uncover THE NEWEST Tax Reduction Strategies...

                    Secret #1

How to uncover and eliminate significant tax liabilities created by Qualified tax-deferred accounts like IRA, 401(k), 403(b), & even Social Security Income.

                    Secret #2

How to convert your retirement accounts to tax-free Roth IRAs with little to no conversion taxes, by using a variety of proven tax reduction strategies.

                    Secret #3

How to ensure a lifetime of future tax-free income with no chance of principal loss due to declining stock and bond financial markets. 


TRI is a think tank of elite advisors across the USA striving to create the ultimate tax-free income and financial plans.
We have a full team of professionals possessing the knowledge and know-how to help clients obtain tax-free income bliss, legally, morally, and ethically.
"Let our team do all the work while you capitalize on financial success!"
Alpha Roth™ Tax-Free Income Strategies was created by the Tax & Retirement Institute and highlights the significant tax consequences created from keeping and growing, highly taxable Qualified retirement accounts like 401(k)s, IRAs, & 403(b)s.  

In their place, an emphasis is made on converting these highly taxable accounts to Roth IRAs with as little tax consequences as possible, therefore sheltering assets to tax-free growth and income accounts.


John Edward Oxendine

Harvard MBA with over 50 years of CEO experience.

Jay Rotenberg

Managing Director with 20 years of financial advisory experience.

Richard Ervolino

Senior Financial Plan Designer with over 30 years experience.

OUR book

Our Strategies Create Tax-Free Income 
& Reduce Roth IRA Conversion Taxes!

Your IRA, 401(k), 403(b), and other qualified accounts just got a whole lot brighter. 

These accounts are hidden tax traps that can produce tens of thousands of dollars, up to millions in future taxes, that are completely avoidable with intelligent tax planning.

Our new book, Alpha Roth Tax-Free Strategies shows American taxpayers how to convert their highly taxable Qualified Accounts to a Tax-Free Roth IRA while potentially avoiding most if not all of the conversion taxes in the process.

The new CARES Act tax law creates a tax-free income opportunity of a lifetime by sheltering up to $100,000 from future tax rate hike worries!

Your 401(k)& IRA ARE Hidden Tax TrapS!


Sandy Johns 
Miami, FL

"My Uncle is a CPA and handles my taxes so I thought I was covered.  But, he never told me how large my future tax liability would grow too.  I was able to put the Tax & Retirement Team on the phone with my CPA Uncle and I became very satisfied to achieve a painless tax-free arbitrage on my accounts."

Eddie Chablis
Miami Beach, FL

"It's as if I had a team of corporate tax attorneys to help me shelter my assets without paying the exorbitant legal fees.

I have worked with my CPA for 20 years and happy he was able to learn a new strategy to incorporate into my financial plan."

Lisa Sorensen
West Palm Beach, FL

"Nearing my retirement caused me to research the best way to retire safely and I felt extremely confident after moving forward with Julie Pegg and the Tax & Retirement Institute's financial plan."

Great CPA'S & Business Owners
Endorse Tax & Retirement Institute

Michael Loeb

Billionaire Investor

"The Institute has created many innovative strategies that has helped me keep more of my wealth." 

Abe Ovadia, Attorney

Founder of Ovadia Law Group 

"Paying taxes is painful and I look to lower my tax bill whenever possible.” 


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